Cuttermaran version 1.69 beta 14 Download (all languages)

Cuttermaran is a open source (C#) program to cut videos in MPEG 1 and 2 format (from DVB = digital television).
Here you find the version 1.69 beta 14 of Cuttermaran modified by Elmue.
Cuttermaran derives from where you find version 1.69 by Tobias Arnold.

What's new in version 1.69 (by Elmü)

From Beta 7 to Beta 14 twelve bugs have been fixed.

Known Bugs:
Currently the button "Search this image" does not function when you work with multiple video files.

Completely new Mplex window

Mplex is no longer an external EXE file.
Now Mplex is in a DLL which allows better communication in both directions:
Mplex sends its messages and progress information to Cuttermaran and Cuttermaran can easily abort the muxing process.

All providers can be aborted now

In older versions the Cancel button was often ignored or strange error messages came up.
This will never happen again.

All providers can be started minimized

In the provider settings you can chose to start all providers minimized.
Additionally they are minimized automatically if the main window is minimized.

Display of Cut-In and Cut-Out frame

When you click on a cut in the cutlist you will see the Cut-Out picture as usual on the left side
and with this new setting enabled you will also see the Cut-In picture on the right side.
The scrollbar will NOT be affected!

Display of frame-type in cutlist

CPU usage and Progress display in Taskbar
If you are cutting a video or loading a large video stream, you can minimize Cuttermaran. Then Cuttermaran decreases its CPU usage to approx 40%, so you can work normally with your computer while Cuttermaran is doing its job in the background. You will see the progress in percent in the taskbar. When you maximize the Cuttermaran window, it will run with full speed again.

Correct display of Video bitrate
Older versions of Cuttermaran displayed a wrong bitrate of 15.000 kBps for some video files.
Since 1.69 beta 6 Cuttermaran always displays the correct bitrate.

New Video Tabcontrol

Now Cuttermaran fully supports working with multiple video files.
Each video file which is loaded is displayed in its own video tab:

New Menu Entries
Now you can separately chose to disable resizing and docking/floating of GUI windows:
(In version 1.68 when you disabled floating windows you also disabled the resizing)


New Scrollbar / Shuttlebar
There is a new Scrollbar which shows the cuts optically with a coloured background.
There is a new Shuttlebar to search through the video with a logarithmic speed scale.
(To stop it just click anywhere into the shuttlebar)

Modified Progress Dialog

Now you can minimize Cuttermaran while it is doing lengthy processing.
Additionally there is a second progress bar which displays the TOTAL progress.

New button "Play Next"

In the Preview window you don't have to switch the combobox anymore for each cut that you want to preview.


Download Cuttermaran 1.69 (1,2 MB, installer included)       Sourcecode (1,7 MB)

If you find a bug, report it to me by email. (auch in Deutsch)


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