Hosting Offers

  • Freeabo

    0.00 CHF / year

    Run a Web site in a virtual subdirectory, you will get support for Adobe ColdFusion.

    1 virtual Subdirectory

    1 GB Storage

    No SQL Database

    No E-Mail addresses

    ColdFusion support

    Payed Support

  • Powerabo

    159.00 CHF / year

    Run a website, you will get 10 SQL databases and support for Adobe ColdFusion and PHP.

    10 Domains

    100 GB Storage

    10 SQL database

    10 mailboxes

    ColdFusion & PHP support

    5/8 support

  • Normalabo

    109.00 CHF / Jahr

    Run a website, you get 5 SQL databases and support for Adobe ColdFusion.

    1 Domain

    10 GB Storage

    1 SQL databases

    1 mailboxes (collection account)

    ColdFusion support

    5/8 support

Why choose us?

  • Proactive monitoring
  • Easy management
  • World class support
  • Competent technicians
  • Cheap prices
  • High satisfaction

What customers say?

  • In the event of a problem, our company depends on a quick fix. We can confidently trust in the technology of thuinformatik GmbH. In any case we recieve quick, competent and purposefully assistance. We can not imagine any other partner.

    Severin Meierhofer - Customer
  • We were already surprised by the flexibility and the approach to our needs in the evaluation phase of a new hosting partner. The migration was professionally accompanied and could be concluded to the fullest satisfaction. We are still convinced that we have made the right decision.

    Johann Spietz - Customer

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